Artistic Team

Cirque Magnifique's artistic team is formed by Carla Selier , Arno Huibers and Marc van Laere

We are two artists who look at circus through theatre coloured eyes and who encounter the world with innocence and wonder... Our love for modern clowning, magic and direct theater brings us on a journey we love...This way, we performed with our clowns I Frappannti in the well-known Teatro La Fenice in Venice, With the show Magica on the first Clownsfestival in Marokko, but we also enjoy performing in theaters and festivals around the corner. The reactions to our performances are heart-warming. This sympathy, fellow-feeling and warmth is exactly what we identify with and what we want to share with others. We are an intimate, moving and contemporary theatre circus. With us theatre turns into a unique experience for all ages, where the audience becomes completely absorbed in the show. This is what makes Cirque Magnifique unique!

Carla  Selier, Arno Huibers en Marc van Laere worked with artists from, amongst others, Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Plume.

Eric en Carla van der Steen

Arno HuibersArno Huibers - Sol,Tartare,Obba

Powered by my love for the art of circus within the magical environment of the theatre, I have directed, for Cirque Magnifique, the shows SOL , TARTARE and OBBA.

In Februari 2009, Cirque Magnifique's third show OBBA was launched. In OBBA a group of young and talented people explore the rich and multi-layered fantasy world of the theatre with smoothly integrated circus skills. I am proud that I was able to allow the show to be true to it's circus heart and at the same time enrich it with the magic of theatre. There is nothing more challenging than stretching the boundaries of circus and explore unknown territories.


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